esfix 500

Esfix 500

Cement mortar for repairing concrete structures.

It can be used for the recovery of reinforced concrete structures, such as balconies, beams, piles, shutters, moldings, cornices and exposed concrete surfaces. Can be used with a continuous plastering machine, the product allows easy operations on large surfaces, such as channels, dams, bridges, water pipes, tanks, containment structures in reinforced concrete.

Packing of 25 Kg | Manual-mechanical application | 15 Kg per square meter per cm of thickness c.a. | Col. gray



Monocomponent cementitious mortar for the protection of iron reinforcements of concrete structures.

Thixotropic mortar for the protection of iron reinforcement of aggressive and corrosive steel agents in reinforced concrete structures. The product, applied with a brush, has a high adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces.

Pack of 25-5 Kg | Application with brush-manual | 1.5 kg per square meter per cm of thickness c.a. | Col. Green


eslotus tl

Eslotus TL

Waterproofing membrane for roofs.

Waterproofing membrane realizada by coextrusión of a bituminous composite and a refuerzo de poliéster en el expesor de la membrane en total synergy with ella. Adecuado para la impermeabilización de cualquier tipo de cubierta, terrazas and instalaciones sanitarias.

Roll 10×1 | Manual application | Water resistance 500 Kpa | Col. Gray / Black