escmun13h Cristal breeze

ESCMUN13H cristal breeze ESCMUN13H cristal breezeESCMUN13H cristal breeze

ESCMUN13H Cristal Breeze

ESCMUN13H Cristal breeze is a conditioner that combines the low level of space of your outdoor unit with the high level of versatility of your indoor unit. The air conditioner can meet commercial or residential air conditioning needs

  • Indoor unit ESCMUN13HI
  • Outdoor unit:ESCMUN13HE
  • Energy class of refrigeration:A++
  • Heating energy class: A+
  • Operating temperature limit cooling C° -15/+50
  • Operating temperature limit heatingC° -15/+30
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Phase frequency voltage: V-hz 230-50-1