ES7033 Hammer mill



ES7033 Hammer mill

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ES7033 is a hammer mill suitable for processing limestone and silica stones. It has a feeding size from 0 to 150 mm approximately and a grinding size from 0.2 to 10 mm.


The hammer mill ES7033 has the following technical characteristics:

  • Type: single-rotor hammer
  • Mouths load and flanged load for connection to systems of loading and recovery of the ground
  • Rotor speed: 800 RPM approx
  • No. of hammers: 60
  • Grid type: with longitudinal bars
  • Light between the bars: 20 mm – adjustable
  • Total weight: 4,000 kg approx
  • Installed power: 90 kW – 4 poles – 60 Hz – 440 V
  • Hat opening system: hydraulic


  • Armor: Crom-Hard cast iron
  • Spacer discs: Fe 430
  • Hammers: in manganese steel casting – wear resistant
  • Case and frame: Fe 430
  • Grille: special wear-resistant steel type “Hardox 400”


The rotor, perfectly balanced, is of the disc type between which the hammers are applied, inserted on pins and suitably spaced. The hammers are of the reversible type so as to ensure wear on both sides. The individual disks are fixed on a shaft, supported by strong oscillating roller bearings, placed outside the lower casing.

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